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タイトル: The classroom as a reflection of a democratic society: The importance of teaching controversial issues in Japan
著者: Lia, Steve
発行日: 2014-03-15
抄録: “A commitment to discussion and an honoring of the democratic experience are inseparable.” Brookfield and Preskill (1999) In the current era of globalization, the importance of teaching controversial issues to young learners must not be underestimated. This paper offers a personal insight into why I believe that it is essential that controversial issues, often overlooked or sanitized during formal education in Japanese junior and high schools, be actively taught through rational debate and discussion in Japan, and why non-native Japanese university teachers of English are in possibly the best position to do this.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11078/125
ISSN: 1882-8647


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