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その他のタイトル: 日本の高成長革新的企業に関する研究ノート
著者: Tachiki, Dennis S.
キーワード: high growth innovative enterprises
job creation
SME policy
business eco-systems
発行日: 2014-03-31
抄録: In recent years, research has widely substantiated the importance of high-growth new enterprises (HGIEs) for job creation. The conventional wisdom is that the number and share of HGIEs in all enterprises is small, but the number and share of jobs they create is disproportionally large. As part of a larger project examining HGIEs in the United States and the European Union, we surveyed 450 potential Japanese HGIE, of which only 35 met the criteria of 10 percent employment growth over three consecutive years since 2008. It turns out the HGIEs not meeting these criteria, however, provide an interesting twist to the Japan case. These quasi-HGIEs were growing through networking?that is, tapping human resources in other companies. One approach is to network the product development process across firms rather than within a firm: alliances in R&D, outsourcing design and engineering, contracting for manufacturing, and collaboration in marketing and sales. Another approach is to position a HGIE in one segment of this product development process but work with different networks. When the product development network is the unit of analysis, then, there is inter-firm but not intra-firm employment growth. Early indications suggest Japan’s new locus of innovation and job creation may revolve around network ecosystems consisting of smaller firms.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11078/140


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