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タイトル: Devising an Effective Methodology for Measuring the Benefit of L2 Subtitled Extensive Watching on Learner Motivation, Autonomy and Skill Development
その他のタイトル: L2字幕付き多試聴 (Extensive Watching) によるモチベーション、自律学習、スキル発達に与える効果に対する測定方法の考察
著者: Ishimaki, Kensaku
Saunders, Thomas
キーワード: extensive watching
closed captioning
learner motivation
learner autonomy
extensive reading principles
発行日: 2015-4-1
抄録: As the digital revolution continues apace, those involved in education are presented with an increasing number of choices for improving second language (L2) skills and abilities. Some of these technological advancements represent a relatively novel way to incorporate modern media into educational approaches. This paper maintains that watching videos in particular, lends itself to heightened student engagement. As Uematsu (2004) has demonstrated, students who engage in film watching, with L2 captions enabled, showed a distinct improvement over subjects who watched the same material with using L1 captions. The authors hope to take these findings a step further and distinguish a quantified comparative advantage in the efficiency of this practice, when combined with Extensive Watching (EW) activities that maximise exposure to authentic, natural and contextualized language. The contention is that, by engaging in EW activities with English Captions (EC) enabled, students can simultaneously exercise both their listening and reading faculty. Although this paper does not attempt to gauge tangible skill-improvements at this time, it will act as a precursor to a forthcoming and deeper study that will attempt to do so. For now, we will investigate the effects of an EW pilot project on learner motivation and autonomy.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11078/240
ISSN: 2189-0471


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