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タイトル: 協同をベースにした体験学習型授業における学生の学習態度の変化 -科目「プロジェクト・マネジメント」での実践報告-
その他のタイトル: The change of student performance and voluntary learning attitude in an experience-oriented class based on corporative learning: The practical report on “Project Management”
著者: 根上, 明
キーワード: experiential learning
corporative learning
student performance
発行日: 2015-03-31
抄録: This study verifies the hypothesis: an experiential learning approach based on corporative learning can assist the student’s voluntary motivation.The following topics were examined by a questionnaire survey: the student’s satisfaction in the class project management, the increase in positive recognition of the corporative learning effectivity, the decrease of being fond of working alone and the change of the time to learn and think during the preparation, the class and the review. The study could not prove the hypothesis, but as a result it could clarify a part of the efficacy of an experiential learning approach based on corporative learning.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11078/247
ISSN: 0371-5981


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