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タイトル: 英語教育をめぐる世論と専門家の役割
著者: 小田, 眞幸
発行日: 2012-3-31
抄録:  This paper deals with how public discourses of various aspects of English language teaching are formulated. The paper consists of four sections, after a brief introduction of the background of the study, I will point out the lack of study on public discourse even though it may potentially affect the formulation of foreign language teaching policy. Next, I will present an example of a posting on Hatsugen Komachi , the readers’forum BBS of The Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper, and analyze it in relation to the poster’s presupposition about ELT. I will then talk about the potential roles of ELT professionals in the formulation of public discourses on ELT. It was found that general public has very little access to the information on ELT relevant to them despite the fact that the scholars actively discuss various issues on ELT, and thus discourses are formulated independently from the information available among ELT professionals. Finally, I will make suggestions on how ELT professionals including scholars and teachers play an active role in the formulation of public discourses on ELT which would potentially be beneficial for learners in a long run.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11078/27
ISSN: 0286-8903


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