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タイトル: Becoming ‘YouTubers’: Using webclips in the ELF classroom
その他のタイトル: ‘YouTubers’を育てる:ELFクラス内でのWebclips使用法
著者: Magasic, Michelangelo
キーワード: ELF
online video
発行日: 2016-04-01
抄録: This paper outlines the suitability of webclips as a medium for use within ELF teaching. It presents practical methods by which to include webclips in ELF classes focusing on the combination of two literacies: watching and making short web movies. In order to highlight the contribution of these literacies to an ELF curriculum, the exercises are discussed in light of Bj?rkman's (2013) recommendations for ELF classroom practice. In particular, the medium of webclips supports Björkman's suggestions because: it presents a diverse range of English speakers and communication situations, it is an interactive learning material which reflects real-life English, and, when used as a practical exercise, the medium encourages learners to develop their own voices and modes of expression.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11078/357
ISSN: 2189-0471


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