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タイトル: Promoting English as a lingua franca: ELF awareness in a university World Englishes course
その他のタイトル: リンガフランカとしての英語へ: World Englishes Courseを通してELFを学ぶ
著者: Kato, Corazon Talam
キーワード: World Englishes
higher education
English as a Lingua Franca
Language awareness
発行日: 2016-04-01
抄録: Substantial evidence has shown that Japanese English learners continue to have high admiration for the Inner Circle English varieties (Kubota, 2004; Fukuda, 2010). Many university students demonstrate this belief in the quest for a ‘high price tag’ goal, set as a yardstick, in learning English: to sound like First Language (L1) English speakers. According to Cook (2002; cited in Kirkpatrick, 2013), only a few can achieve it. The failure to attain such an objective has misled many English learners to disliking English, not only as a subject but also as a tool for communication with people from the same or different cultures. Also, the very high regard for L1 English varieties has resulted in the marginalization of many English users and experts from Outer, and even more so, the Expanding Circle; it has stereotyped their use of English as substandard. Studies revealed that through the concept of “World Englishes” (WEs), English learners could lessen their negative feeling toward their own English (Horie & Long, 2007). This report will discuss how a university course focusing on World Englishes (WEs) and English as a Lingua Franca (ELF), has led EFL learners to re-evaluate their views of English.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11078/362
ISSN: 2189-0471


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