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タイトル: A proactive ELF-aware approach to listening comprehension ELF awareness in a university World Englishes course
その他のタイトル: ELFアプローチによるプロアクティブリスニングの活用法
著者: Dimoski, Blagoja
キーワード: listening comprehension
communication strategies
language ownership
non-verbal communication
発行日: 2016-04-01
抄録: Listening comprehension (LC) is an integral part of language learning. Although course textbooks contain a diverse range of listening tasks for classroom learning, they also tend to share some common, albeit potentially problematic, features worth considering more deeply; namely, 1) listening is presented as an isolated skill (i.e. detached from speaking), 2) visually-based supplementary material is often underutilized, and 3) learners play a predominantly passive role in the process. The current paper will argue that such traditional approaches to LC are not reflective of real-world conditions our learners are likely to encounter, and to some extent, may even run counter to our teaching aims. With this in mind, the paper will present an alternative approach to LC, developed by the author, which can be used either as an adjunct activity to existing listening segments in course textbooks or as a substitute for them. In this approach, the source of auditory output is not technology, but rather, it is the learners who engage in reading transcripts of listening texts aloud to each other in pairs. This participatory process places ownership of the language in the hands of the learners and opens, rather than closes, the door to learner inquiry and the negotiation of meaning during the listening task itself, providing greater authenticity and compatibility with ELF-oriented principles than traditional approaches.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11078/363
ISSN: 2189-0471


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