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タイトル: 玉川大学ラーニング・コモンズにおけるアカデミック・スキルズの学修支援―サポート・デスクでの1年半の活動・支援状況を視座として―
その他のタイトル: Tamagawa University’s Learning Support for Academic Skills at the Learning Commons: The Activities and Situations of Learning Support at the Support Desk during the Past Seventeen Months
著者: 鈴木, 美穂
帆足, 哲哉
キーワード: 学修支援
発行日: 2017-03-01
内容記述:   In April 2015, Tamagawa University launched the learning support services for academic skills to their University students at the Support Desk in the Learning Commons. The main services of the Support Desk include one-on-one academic writing tutorials on how to write reports and theses; and one-on-one academic speaking tutorials on how to prepare for presentations. Moreover, the Support Desk also provides learning support for students by holding workshops on academic skills.   This research reports on both activities and situations of the Support Desk users, and analyzes the requirements for learning support and learning tendencies through data collected during the past seventeen months since its launch. In addition, the aim of this research is to consider the Support Desk's future role for deepening learning support to promote students' active learning.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11078/420
ISSN: 1341-8645


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