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タイトル: A Study in the Development of the Program for Incoming International Students in the Department of English Language Education, Tamagawa University
その他のタイトル: 文学部英語教育学科における海外からの学生受け入れプログラム展開に関する研究
著者: ROWLAND, Philip
TANJI, Megumi
キーワード: incoming international student programs
“Experience Japan” program
Evergreen State College Washington
発行日: 2017-03-31
抄録:   Since 2008, the Department of Comparative Cultures has hosted up to ten students from Evergreen State College, Washington for three weeks a year. With an increasing number of Evergreen students wanting to join the program and the Department of Comparative Cultures being replaced by the Department of English Language Education in 2015, new challenges have arisen. This report describes how our research project sought to find ways of meeting such challenges, chiefly by clarifying the needs and interests of the Evergreen students, but also taking into account changes in the curriculum with the introduction of the new department. Based on these findings, we make recommendations for developing a more viable program.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11078/463
ISSN: 0286-8903


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