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タイトル: M-Reader in the Center for English as a Lingua Franca
その他のタイトル: ELFセンターにおけるM-Readerの使用
著者: Ishimaki, Kensaku
Milliner, Brett
キーワード: M-reader
Extensive Reading
発行日: 2017-04-01
抄録: M-reader (www.mreader.org) is a free internet site which is helping Center for English as a Lingua Franca (CELF) teachers to manage extensive reading (ER) more effectively in their courses. In short, teachers are using this system to verify whether students have read and understood a graded reader book or not. This is achieved by students taking online quizzes designed to test their understanding of a book’s plot and characters, rather than how well they remember the book. Through the M-Reader system, teachers and students can easily track the number of books and the number of words read. In this paper, the authors briefly introduce M-reader, and report on students’ and teachers’ utilisation of the program in their ELF classes. The authors hope that this article can be a reference for English language teachers and program administrators who are interested in using M-reader as well as provide an insight into how teachers are incorporating extensive reading into their ELF syllabus.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11078/476
ISSN: 2189-0471


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