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タイトル: チャンピオンシップにおけるアクティブラーニングの実践
その他のタイトル: Active learning in the championship of a robot
著者: 森, 文彦
相原, 威
大久保, 英敏
大森, 隆司
岡田, 浩之
相馬, 正宜
早川, 博章
政田, 元太
宮田, 成紀
キーワード: RaspberryPi
RaspberryPi Mouse
First-Year Experience
PBL(Project Based Learning)
発行日: 2018-03-31
抄録: The subject of “Championship” is executed at the first semester as the first-year experience. The championship of a robot, which is mentioned in this paper, is executed at the last four times of the fifteen times as an example of the active learning. A simple robot named “RaspberryPi Mouse” with a control computer named “RaspberryPi” was introduced to execute the championship. Concretely, students learned first the mechanism of the robot and then explored the optimal parameters through repeating the process of the thinking and experiment. It looks like that the students attended and learned the subject voluntary and enthusiastically.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11078/997
ISSN: 0371-5981


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